“This book carries a piercing message. It is thoroughly researched and well supported. Its ideas have greatly impacted my thinking. In the past three years, I have started and finished graduate school while doing freelance work. In that time, I calculate I have read approximately 130 books. Very few, if any, have impacted me as deeply as The Hidden Message of the Great Seal. I know this book will affect countless people.

The Hidden Message of the Great Seal offers dense historical evidence to reframe the narrative of our nation s founding. Michael Kanis has conducted a thorough and faithful exploration that not only interlinks history's strongest republics but offers insights that could help heal the ills we see manifesting in modern society. Combining an acumen for symbolism with rigorous, historical excavation, Kanis unearths a lost American treasure in how he reads the poetry of the national seal. He melds his deeply empathetic voice with attention-to-detail to accomplish the aim the master historian: to weave the multicolored threads of history into a breathing tapestry.”

— Michael Brooks, literature professor at a local college.