There is a mission for this book that goes beyond the message of the seal. The message is part of it, but it is only the beginning.

What you will discover when you read the Hidden Message is that there is a mission and calling for each American. This calling is a trust that you have inherited as a keeper of the republic.

Somehow, in the economy of heaven, it is often left to a few to care for the many. This is why you hear metaphors like a light in the house... tiny light, big house. Or salt in food, tiny salt, big food. Or yeast... you get the idea. He is giving us the opportunity to partner with him in ministering his concern to the whole world.

For some reason, it pleases God to use a few to reach many. He wants to bless the whole world through the faithfulness of those to whom he gives; whether it is wealth or truth. It was the mission and calling for the tiny nation of Israel in the Bible... it was God's plan to reach out to the whole world through a few. And so it is with the church as well; her mission is to carry the good news to the entire world. Thus it is for you today, who know the truth—to instruct those who have not heard or understood.

Things you are to read in this book may well be disputed; there may be controversy. Some ideas may not be fully developed, or as expertly related to you as could be, but the essence what is written there has this one great advantage — it is true. This you will know instinctively when you read it. I ask you to look beyond the imperfections and the flaws of the container, to the excellence of what is contained within. And when you see it, I ask that you take part in its noble mission.

Succeeding in our mission will not benefit only you. That is a pivotal point. If it succeeds, the whole nation will profit from it. And not just for this generation, but for generations to come. It may well take sacrifice, or at least inconvenience. We will have to act, taking time and resources away from what we would normally do. And it will not be easy. To promote freedom and virtue is a self-less act; a sacrifice for many whose names you won’t ever know. You shine your light ever-outward until it extends to its furtherest reach. The extent to which your light shines, is not a function of your light alone, but with the thousands of others with whom your light combines until its radiant brilliance extends to the nation. And someday from the nation to the world.

Our republic is at stake, this I do not debate. History and reason and the seal make the claim. I merely echo the warnings of Washington and Adams and Franklin. Of Madison, and Henry and Paine. Of Locke and Montesquieu and Bollingbrooke, of Cato, Plato, Polybius and Cicero. These and many more beside. And all merely add their voice to what God has already made clear through the scriptures.

So our energy is not applied to debate, but only to choice. Will you, can you, see and understand? And having seen, act on behalf of the many?